About us

The urge to create.
A feeling one might know when your lineage has always been about creating. Sometimes you don't even realize you have this urge; it’s coded in your DNA by your ancestors and found a way to sneak into being a part of your daily life.

The dream of Essies has been around for many years. The thought had flown through many souls and hands and changed its shape many times before it was founded. The creativity went from grandfather to mother to daughter.

My talent and passion for creating unique designs have always been there. And before I even knew it, Essies was born. From the moment we started, we have always served the finest Moroccan Haute couture.

Every piece is designed and made with the finest materials and love, created to stand out in a world that wants to blend in.

We’re proud of our lineage, proud of our roots, and want to give them a place in this modern world. The best way to do that is to create a piece of art you can wear and love.

Let our pieces be a statement.
Your statement.